It is a project, financed by the European Community, whose main objective is the recovery and conservation of populations of native Mediterranean trout (Salmo macrostigma or – according to the most recent scientific definition – Salmo cettii), endemic salmonid from the Mediterranean area, protected by the Habitats Directive as declared “vulnerable species” in Europe and “critically endangered” in Italy.

Building on the experiences gained during other LIFE projects dedicated to Mediterranean trout and with a series of coordinated actions applied first in 6 pilot areas, then subsequently also in 11 other areas (the so-called “transferability areas”), LIFE STREAMS aims to define and apply a global strategy for the entire species, to eliminate its main sources of introgression and to improve its status and habitat.

Four specific project objectives:

Develop and test an additional set of conservation strategies (eradication of allochthones by electro-fishing, selective fishing and support actions to native populations through breeding, restocking and reintroduction)

Guarantee the Minimum Vital Flow (MVF) thanks to integrated monitoring systems

Develop an integrated strategy to combat illegal stocking phenomenon by focusing both on correct information and on the acquisition of new regulations

Design and define a complete series of Guidelines for the conservation and management of the Mediterranean trout which become the main reference point for this kind of practice.

Ph: A. Cappuccioni

Ph: R. Sauli


Ph: M. Carafa


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STREAMS     |     Our goals

Fry production
Autochthonous genotype increasing
Sites with guaranteed MVF
Native trouts transferred

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