Premilcuore opens the doors to STREAMS

Thanks to the Foreste Casentinesi National Park and the ichthyologist Andrea De Paoli, the Premilcuore hatchery welcomed us, allowing us to document for you the salient phases of the STREAMS…

PNFC – Start of fertilization at Premilcuore

The first actions to support the reproductive season of the Mediterranean trout began last Monday also at the Premilcuore hatchery, used by the Foreste Casentinesi National Park for our project.…

2024 World Wetlands Day

Today is World Wetlands Day, environments whose integrity is strongly threatened by human activities and Legambiente, project partner, presents “Aquatic Ecosystems 2024”, a report dedicated to denouncing our country’s delay…

Sowing trout eggs in Sibillini

Yesterday the Sibillini Mountains National Park carried out a conservation action in synergy with the Marche Region: approximately 4,000 Mediterranean trout eggs produced in the Cantiano ichthyogenic center were reintroduced…

Second session in Chiusola

Second session in Chiusola, where yesterday almost 55,000 Mediterranean trout eggs were collected and fertilized.

Delayed breeding season in Valnerina

The unusually high temperatures of this winter season in Umbria are delaying the usual reproductive cycle of trout in the Valnerina rivers. Since water temperatures continue to remain above 10…

C1 actions in the Argentine stream – PNP

Here are the images of our technical-scientific team while, in the past few days, it was busy with the C1 actions at the Pollino National Park near the Argentino stream.

Sampling in Chiusola

Also in Chiusola, sampling for genetic analyzes of the breeding animals for the Montemarcello-Magra-Vara Park is underway.

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